Tabbed Searches

Multiple search tabbed results. image

LemonWire supports tabbed searches, which allows users to open several search pages in one window, keeping them more accessible.

Turbo-Charged Connection

No speed restrictions. image

With LemonWire you can enjoy sharing and downloading experience at the full potential that the application can offer. No restrictions, ever.

Organized Library

Modify using the Slice Editor. image

The library feature allows you to organize your download files under Audio, Programs, Videos, Documents and Images categories.


LemonWire is a P2P file sharing program that helps you search for and download any type of files you want directly from within the client without having to deal with torrent files and torrent websites.

Once installed LemonWire can be used right away even by those without any experience with such software. The program is more advanced than LimeWire and its high functionality is matched by a cool, easy-to-work-with interface that leaves no room for doubts and hesitations when using icons and buttons to switch between tasks and options.

With LemonWire you get a totally unhindered downloading process due to the absence of DRM (digital restrictions/rights management) filters that shorten your filesharing experience.

Sharing and accessing movies, music, software, games or documents with and from millions of other p2p users is done in an instant. You’ve never been returned so many results within such a short time when searching for a specific file.

Moreover, if what you are looking for is a particular song (especially when you seem not to be able to find it anywhere else) LemonWire is definitely what you need.

  • Uses gnutella network: A decentralized peer-to-peer network used by millions of users.
  • Uses BitTorrent protocol: One of the most common protocols for transferring large files.
  • A Free Application: LemonWire was always free and always will be. Never ever have to pay for a P2P client again.
  • Improved Resources: Optimizes computer’s performance by lowering CPU usage.

Windows 8


Fast & Simple

LemonWire is well designed to deliver fast downloads without using torrent files.

Advanced Tech

LemonWire uses advanced technology to maximize the use of network bandwidth.

Smart & Reliable

LemonWire is one of the most popular and reliable P2P file-sharing client available.


LemonWire is highly customizable allowing you to tweak it to your particular requirements.