Tabbed Searches

Multiple search tabbed results. image

LemonWire supports tabbed searches, which allows users to open several search pages in one window, keeping them more accessible.

Turbo-Charged Connection

No speed restrictions. image

With LemonWire you can enjoy sharing and downloading experience at the full potential that the application can offer. No restrictions, ever.

Organized Library

Modify using the Slice Editor. image

The library feature allows you to organize your download files under Audio, Programs, Videos, Documents and Images categories.


LemonWire client is user friendly and comes with loads and loads of features.

As we continuously improve and enhance LemonWire, new features are always on the way.

Turbo-charged downloads

Clean, smart interface

Built-in search box

Built-in media player

Tabbed Searches

Optimized search results

Trouble-free initial set-up

Dynamic querying

Additional options for expert users

Organized Library



Windows 8


Fast & Simple

LemonWire is well designed to deliver fast downloads without using torrent files.

Advanced Tech

LemonWire uses advanced technology to maximize the use of network bandwidth.

Smart & Reliable

LemonWire is one of the most popular and reliable P2P file-sharing client available.


LemonWire is highly customizable allowing you to tweak it to your particular requirements.